Rental Car
Last time it worked out to be around $50 per person for the week.  This included the car rental and the gas that was used the entire week.  It may be  little more this time since we will have to pay the upgrade to a van but I don't expect it to be very much.  As I get confirmed prices on the rental car I will update the site.

As many of you remember, meat can be pretty expensive there and the choices are not a good as they are here.  I suggest we all split the cost of a checked bag and take things like bacon, sausage, hamburger meat and steaks with us.  At most 1 extra bag would cost $50 which would equal $5 or less per person.

Other Expenses

This will be the same as before for those of you who have been to the island.  There is a great flight out of Austin that gets you to the Island around 3:00 the same day.  The return flight leaves around 1:00 and gets you back to Austin around 9:15.  We took this flight back in November and it worked out great.  This flight is with American and has a plane change in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It is roughly (2) 3 hour flights.

Best suggestion is to watch the flights and choose your time to purchase when the rates work best to you.



Oct. 15-22, 2016

We can rent 5, 6, or 7 of the bedrooms.  Depending on the number of people that want to go on the trip.

This house is a little more than we spent on the lodging before but has many advantages that the other house did not.  Most notably:  An air conditioned kitchen.  Oh, and it is ON THE BEACH!

Pricing for the week is $750 per person