Oct. 15-22, 2016

Trip Details

St. Martin 2016

It is time to get away.  It has been to long since we have taken a group trip and St. Martin is calling us.

There is another reason for this trip but we won't talk about that.  There are actually 50 reasons we won't talk about it!

I only have one villa option currently listed for this trip.  It is a little more than the La Josephine that many of us have been to.  Hopefully this will work out, if it is a problem let me know and I will see if we can get something else.  You can find many details about the house on the Lodging page.

We will be renting the villa from Saturday, October 15th until Saturday, October 22nd.

This villa can accommodate up to 14 people.  We have the option of taking 10, 12 or 14 people and only renting the amount of rooms that we need.

They do requiring a 50% deposit for the villa at the time of reservation.  We can book the minimum rooms right now to keep the deposit down and add rooms as we need them.

The villa is located at Guana Bay on the eastern side of the island on the Dutch side.  It is centrally located between Orient Bay and Mullet Bay.  Phillipsbug is a short drive from the villa for shopping and nightlife.

If we need less than all 7 bedrooms they will open them all and let us choose which rooms we would like to use and then lock up the rest.

There is a grocery store that is about a 4-5 minute drive away for the villla.

When arriving there is a VIP meet and greet at the airport from the management of the house (wine and cold beer upon arrival), private transport to the villa,  use of rental car for the stay, and an island cell phone for calling.

They do offer pre-arrival grocery chopping services so that many of the items that we know we will need can be delivered and put away before we arrive.  I know that we all hate going to the grocery store so this is a good way to eliminate some of that.  It is also nice to have a house full of booze when we get there.

Laura and I will actually be leaving on Wednesday, October 12th and will be there when everyone arrives.  Hopefully we can have a few things set up and some of the shopping done.  One of the reasons we are going early is to see about having one of the nights catered. 

As I get more details I will update the site and send a message saying that there is new information.

If you have any questions or can think of any information that I may have left off, let me know and I will get it added as soon as possible.

I hope to see you all there.